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Get SMART! Powering your smart measurement device for configuration is now fast and easy! The PowerXpress is the smart way to power your smart devices using the USB port on your PC or the AC adapter supplied in the kit. Everything you need is included – built-in resistor, easy to use mini-grabber connectors for device connection, quick access points for handheld and/or multimeter, regulated and isolated 24VDC power to the device and more! PowerXpress is the fast, easy, safe and smart way to power your smart HART device. Stop wasting time looking for resistors, connection wires, clips, adapters, power supplies, etc!

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Introducing the PowerXpress Plus!

PowerXpress Device Power Supply Plus a

Built-in HART MODEM!

PowerXpress Plus

The PowerXpress is a complete portable and flexible power solution kit, that quickly delivers the required power to smart devices and provides the required HART network load needed for device configuration and commissioning. Portable power is supplied from the USB port on your laptop or the included AC power adapter.

PowerXpress reduces multiple device connections and simplifies the process for quick, easy, safe and reliable device communication.

Works with your existing handheld or PC-based configuration software tools.

Easy connection to your:
HART Device
Handheld Configurator
mA meter / DMM
HART Modem
Power Source - PC USB or 110/220 VAC

Quickly supplies 24VDC to 2-wire devices
FAST connection kit includes everything you need for reliable communication
Battery powered from your PC or 110/220 VAC power adapter (included)
Reduces smart device configuration time
Standardizes work processes
Completely portable when configuring devices with your laptop PC
Provides all power supply and interface connections for 2-wire HART enabled device communication
Includes AC and DC power supply options
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Price $399.95 each...

NEW! PowerXpress Plus with Built-in Modem!
Model H100USB-M
The PowerXpress Plus Power Supply with built-in HART Modem is a complete and flexible PC communication link to HART device communication and device power supply, for commissioning, servicing, calibrating, or acquiring data from any HART instrument or device. This external interface is rugged and compact for field use.

  • Fully HART compliant for communication with any HART instrument
  • Powers all 2-wire HART devices – independent of supplier
  • Easy installation (Modem Software Driver Included)
  • CE Compliant per EN 61326 (EMC) for use in Europe
  • Draws power from USB port or included AC/USB adapter

The NEW PowerXpress Plus adds an integral HART modem to our versatile power supply for even faster setup. It provides easy connection points for a DMM and a Handheld if required. The PowerXpress Plus can power your device with or without the modem functionor as a modem only tool if your device is already powered by the loop.

The PowerXpress Plus is ideal for field service, commissioning, engineering, training, table top shows, lunch-and-learns and demo cases!

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New! PowerXpress Plus – device power supply PLUS a built-in HART modem.

  CE Compliant per EN 61326 (EMC)

Powers devices using your laptop USB connection or a 110/220VAC power adapter (included)
Simplifies modem, handheld and digital multi-meter connections
PowerXpress provides device power and easy access for DMM or Handheld
PowerXpress Plus provides 3 modes of operation - device power only, device power plus built-in modem or modem only
Reduces device configuration and commissioning time
Powers all 4-20mA, 2-wire HART devices independent of device supplier
Read mA directly without breaking the loop using your DMM
General Purpose Use Only
Isolation: 500V
Output: 24VDC @ 40mA
Input: 5VDC (USB) @ 225mA

Internal load resistor
Milliamp tap ( measure mA directly)
Over current protection
Mini-grabbers for device connection
Quick mini-grabber access for modem, handheld or DMM connection
110/220VAC USB power adapter
Power on indicator LED
6 foot device connection cable with mini-grabbers and 10 inch USB connector cable
Device software driver included in PowerXpress Plus